Boat Cradle Benefits

If you store your boat on boat slings, you may be headed for trouble. Out of the water storage is fine, but boat slings aren't; the best way to get your boat high and dry. When you raise your boat on slings, the slings lift upward and pull inward toward the centerline of the hull. This inward pressure is the problem. This compression stress can, over time crack fiberglass hull and create leaks.

Expensive as it is leaks can be repaired. But if you continue to use slings, the hull can very well crack again and probably at the point of the first repair. Another problem with slings is that even if they don't crack your hull, they can eventually permanently deform the shape of the hull. This can't be repaired and can have a serious effect on how your boat planes and handles at higher speeds.

Your boat represents a big investment and storing it out of water is a good idea, but slings are obviously not the best way. Don't damage your boat by trying to protect it the wrong way!

Now you can store your boat out of the water without using slings with the Aluminum Boat Cradle! The Cradle is designed to work with standard hoists and fit in virtually any boathouse and is engineered to safely support your boat with NO HULL COMPRESSION.

When you raise your boat on a cradle, the boat is totally lifted from underneath and isn't in contact with the sides of your boat. There is NO STRESS on you hull. Therefore the hull retains its shape... has no compression cracks... and no leaks!

An Aluminum Boat Cradle does initially cost more than a sling, but you won't have to worry about expensive boat hull repairs or permanent damage to your boat's performance.

• T-6 Aluminum Alloy Rigid Frame Construction
• M.I.G. Welded Joints
• Custom-sized to your Boat
• Rustproof and Maintenance-Free
• LP-22 Pressure Treated Bunks, carpeted and custom-fitted to your boat
Can handle Beam widths up to 108"